The Directory link in the menu displays a form where you can search for words in specific fields of the listing. Most commonly, people will want to select a particular Business Type, and use one of the geographic location fields (City, State, Zip, or County).

You can search for a zip code, but at the moment we only have the ability to match an exact zip code. A proximity search will be added when there are enough listings to justify it. In the meantime, we suggest using your city, county, and/or state – along with any other relevant criteria – to narrow down the results enough to look through it for what you want.

Bear in mind that in some towns, providers might choose to use an alias business name and an adjacent zip code, to avoid being identified due to privacy concerns. If you don’t find someone in your target zip code, try widening the search with nearby zip codes, or try searching by county, or even just by state.

Still no luck?

There are businesses that aren’t listed here yet, though they qualify and we’d love give a listing to. Search the Social Organizations category for local Humanist, Atheist, or other organizations who might be able to recommend someone in your area.

On our Resources page, we list other directories and national organizations you might ask for referrals or local contacts.

When you find someone, please let them know about this directory so we can build up our listings in under-served areas. Thanks!

If you can’t find anyone local, and you’re willing to work with someone via phone or Skype, search for the word “remote” in the Company Description field.